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Analysis and Elimination of the Most Common Faults of Bluetooth Headset

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Analysis and Elimination of the Most Common Faults of Bluetooth Headset

1, Bluetooth headset can not be charged

Answer A: If it is idle for a long time unused, need to charge about 20 minutes to activate the Bluetooth headset battery.

Answer B: Bluetooth headset or one of the charger has been damaged, you can separate and complete the device after the test to find out the problem.

2, Bluetooth headset can not be connected with the phone pair

Answer A: Please confirm that the operation is correct.

Answer B: Bluetooth headset is not compatible with your phone. For example, the Bluetooth version of the 1.1 phone can not be used with Bluetooth version 2.0 headset connection.

3, Bluetooth headset and mobile phone connection is always disconnected

Answer A: Bluetooth headset power exhausted, need to charge the Bluetooth headset as soon as possible.

Answer B: Bluetooth headset and mobile phone compatibility is not very good, the phone's Bluetooth signal can not be a good headset to receive, once the headset and mobile phone between the barrier or a little further away, the headset will automatically disconnect and phone Connection, and then automatically shut down.

4, Bluetooth headset can not listen to songs

Answer A: At present, many new phones can only support stereo Bluetooth headset, its built-in A2DP function, if you still use a single ear headphones, will not listen to songs on the phone.

Answer B: Bluetooth version of the phone is low, does not support Bluetooth to send audio. Basically, before 2005, the phone did not use the Bluetooth music function.

Answer C: Some phones can use monaural or binaural stereo Bluetooth headphones to listen to songs, but hear the mono music. These phones can be installed by Bluetooth player to achieve stereo function.

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