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Bluetooth headset use FAQ

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Bluetooth headset use FAQ

1. How far is the headset available from the phone?

The working range is usually up to 30 feet, which is about 10 meters.

2. Can headphones be used for cordless phones at home?

Headphones can not be used for cordless phones.

3. Can headphones be used for laptops, desktop computers and PDAs?

The headset can be used for devices that meet their Bluetooth standard or higher and supports headset and hands-free operation settings.

4. When using headphones, do some devices interfere with calls?

Cordless phones and wireless networking equipment and other electrical appliances may interfere with the call. In order to mitigate interference, keep the headset away from other equipment that uses or generates radio waves.

5. Does the earphone interfere with the electronic equipment, radio, or computer on the car?

Headphones are much less power than regular phones, and headphones only issue signals that conform to international Bluetooth standards, so you do not have to worry about interfering with standard consumer-grade electronics.

6. Can other Bluetooth mobile phone users hear my call?

When the headset in the Bluetooth mobile phone docking, only in the two Bluetooth devices to establish a confidential connection between, because the radio frequency power, the Bluetooth wireless signal is much lower than the ordinary mobile phone signal, so the third party is not easy to monitor the headset used Wireless Bluetooth technology.

7. Sometimes you can hear the noise?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, which means that it is very sensitive to the objects between the headset and the connected device, keeping the distance between the headset and the connected device at about 10 meters and ensuring that there is no large object between them (Walls, etc).

8. Do not hear any sound in the headphones?

Increase the headset volume to ensure that the headset is docked with the device being played and check that the phone's menu has been answered by the answer key to ensure that the phone is connected to the headset.

9. docking problems?

You may have removed the docking connection in the phone.

10. Does the headset control work?

Make sure the headset is turned on, and then press and hold the menu button to unlock the headset control.

11. Can not I use callback, pause, redial, or voice dialing?

These features depend on the ability of the phone to support the handsfree application specification.

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