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Monitor the difference between headphones and ordinary headphones Monitor the difference between headphones and hifi headphones

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Monitor the difference between headphones and ordinary headphones Monitor the difference between headphones and hifi headphones

Monitor the difference between headphones and ordinary headphones

Sound reduction degree, fidelity different:

Monitor headphones relative to the ordinary headset is almost no sound rendering and not completely added no sound of the headset. Because the monitor headphones have a wide frequency response, the characteristics of faster, so listen to the headset to a great extent to improve the degree of sound reduction, enhanced sound fidelity. While the ordinary headset is usually added to the color rendering landscaping, so that the sound sounds more pleasant.

Bass, medium and high sound quality is different:

To a very system to count, listen to the headset bass audio can reach full marks, the treble is 9.9 points. For example, when you use the monitor headphones to listen to songs, even the singer's ventilation can hear clearly, and some can even hear the time, when the high-frequency high and not sharp, The voice of the people talking and talking around, the so-called listening headphones. Ordinary headphones are on the low treble part of the corresponding extension, the singer ventilation to the lowest, and the sound and so on to be polished, so that the sound is more perfect.


Monitor the headset's tightness better than ordinary headphones. Effectively isolate the external noise, can hear clear and accurate language, excellent sound insulation. For example, we have been to the park's haunted house, the staff will let us wear a monitor headphones, can be very clearly heard in addition to the inside of the haunted house sound effects, and then hear the voice of people around to speak. And then with the ghost house dark atmosphere, instantly creepy, to achieve the effect of thrilling. Ordinary headphones are generally sealed, and occasionally there will be leakage and external noise into the phenomenon.

Use different:

Monitor headphones due to the sound of the strong fidelity, sound insulation, sound sensitivity, high impedance, small, good performance and other characteristics of a wide range of applications for on-site return, shrinkage monitoring, broadcast monitoring, sound monitoring, special monitoring, to improve the degree of recognition of voice. Ordinary headphones because it is sound through the rendering, generally used to listen to music, watching movies, playing games and other entertainment.

Headphones to wear different degrees of comfort:

Monitor headphones In order to ensure good air tightness, the general use of durable materials, so wear comfort in general; ordinary headphones smaller, in order to carry convenient, generally more light and wear comfort than listening to headphones. Of course, this is no absolute boundaries, wear comfort is also to vary.

Monitor the difference between headphones and hifi headphones


Speaking of listening headphones, in fact, not so complicated to explain the parameters and obscure theory, simply, listen to the headset is to let the wearer hear more real, completely without modification of the sound. Like HiFi headphones make you feel the sound is a colorful painting, then listen to the headset is to give you the sound is a simple sketch.

Listen to headphones are mostly used in professional monitoring areas such as recordings, radio, shows, meetings and DJs, etc., depending on the use of the scene, to be equipped with different types of listening headphones, the use of different scenes also marks the difference between listening headphones, So the general situation, the monitor headphones do not necessarily need to have a strong ability to dye, but must have a strong ability to restore.

Monitor headphones to have a wide enough frequency response capability, and to ensure that the overall distortion is small, like in a noisy environment DJ DJ headphones are generally like this monitor headset products, sound insulation to avoid the impact of noisy environment, and Sound clarity and rhythm must have a good control, if that headphones to listen to pop music, then it may make the listener feel very tasty, and even will be classified into the ranks of garbage, which Like the best use, the right environment to play to monitor the maximum energy headphones.

What is the difference between HiFi headphones and headphones?

After listening to the headset, we look at the HiFi headphones, in fact, from the use of the crowd can feel the two headphones are obviously different, HiFi headphones more consumer-oriented, to ensure that we listen to music or watch the needs of the film, although The price is different, but the pursuit is to bring consumers better and more pleasing to the ears of the sound.

HiFi headset requirements:

In fact, from the frequency response range, HiFi headphones need to have a wider frequency response, used to ensure that we listen to all kinds of music. With the fast response to the headset requirements, HiFi headset response speed can not be so fast, and strive to let you hear the appropriate sound dye, tuning is particularly important, in order to better please more consumers ears, HiFi headphones The tone will be heavier.

In fact, through the introduction of the above friends have been able to know how much, HiFi headphones like to add a lot of factors to the sound, rendering more like ears like headphones. Listen to the headset is like the voice of the useless factors removed, giving the most loyal voice.

In fact, from the sound, whether it is listening to headphones or HiFi headphones, are to enhance the sound on a certain frequency band, and in the band to enhance a part of the sound, the rest of the band will inevitably be reduced, and the frequency response adjustment But also HiFi headphones and headphones before listening to the true meaning of difference.

But a lot of practical use of the case, the monitor headphones with HiFi headphones or according to different use of the environment to identify.

HiFi headset and monitor headset exchange will happen

Since that is what is listening and HiFi headphones, and explain the difference between, then the two headphones can be used interchangeably?

HiFi headphones and monitor headphones can be used interchangeably? (They say there will be more people to see!)

From the perspective of music appreciation, listening to the headphones to listen to music is not so desirable, middle and low monitor headphones in the entire frequency of regulation too much, many are only suitable for a number of specifically for its adjustment of music. While the high-end listening headphones will be too much of the shortcomings of your equipment on the shortcomings of the overall listening experience have been missing.

HiFi headphones and monitor headphones are interchangeable? (Can turn to this page I heard can find true love)

And if you use HiFi headphones in some areas of expertise, you will be able to listen to the sound caused by some misunderstanding, which is mainly due to HiFi headphones tone caused by heavy, so that the professional field is now even after a long time, or Listen to the world of headphones.

Followed by high-end monitoring of the high impedance of the headphones, users need to have a larger power-driven equipment, generally in the low-end civilian equipment does not have the ability to output, if you want to use the monitor in the low-end device , Then you should choose some home to calculate the audio workstation as the core of the home studio designed to monitor the headset.

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