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How should earplugs be maintained?

- Jul 06, 2017 -

How should earplugs be maintained?

Many people claiming earplugs killer, a pair of ear to get hands after a few days to become a corpse. Although the work and earplugs have a relationship, but if you pay attention to maintenance, or will extend the life of earplugs. Work is very bad, especially the first batch, the problem is more. But I have this hand for several months, in addition to the appearance of the old, the rest is still very normal.

How to extend the life of earplugs, not only ordinary users have questions, that is, some friends do not have their law, I feel from the use of their own simple to talk about the hope that you can have the effect of brick, but also hope that everyone Of the lack of correction.

Earplugs are sophisticated products, so use it must pay attention

First, the maintenance of ear plugs. At present, many earplugs have chosen gold-plated ear plugs, which is very helpful for reducing the impedance, the transition wear will lead to changes in sound quality. And this layer of gold is generally very thin, if a number of ear plugs, the surface will be worn quickly, so it is recommended not to put the earplugs unplugged. This is not only on the earplugs, but also makes the machine's interface becomes loose, resulting in poor contact and other issues.

Second, the connection between the ear plug and the ear plug is only fixed with rubber. Which is the solder joints, forced pull the line down the ear plug easily lead to the fall off the solder joints, but also undesirable behavior. The correct way is to pinch the ear plug, and then gently pull out. Here there is one, that is, when the pull should not force too much, too fast.

Third, today's ear plugs, although some progress than before. But also pay attention. Even if the use of hollow materials to do the wire should also pay attention, because inside, after all, or metal wire. If you do not pay attention in the collection, the line will be folded out with a hard angle, it is very easy to cause wire breakage, damage earplugs. So when the fold line to retain a certain arc.

Fourth, the external ear plugs should also pay attention to, if the external damage, will directly affect the life of the wire inside. The wire although the use of materials are different, but comes down, or belong to the rubber products, so pay attention to some of the maintenance of rubber products, such as not to grease, acid, alkali and other things contaminated wire, in the time to use these dry towels Wipe cleanly. It is worth noting that sweat. In the summer when easy to sweat, if the sweat stained line, then wipe clean.

Fifth, the earpiece diaphragm is relatively hard at the factory, and the earbuds of the vocal principle is the vibration of the diaphragm, the case of large volume, earplugs diaphragm away from the original position of the larger, the more difficult to return to the initial position. This is like a spring principle, beyond the limit will not be able to reply. So it is recommended that you give the earbuds to do preheating, do not use the new ear with a large volume to listen. Specific methods can refer to some of the recommendations of the machine.

Sixth, the earplug is also a more sophisticated things, the collision will lead to loose or damaged parts, I have met a classmate, the earplugs accidentally touched on the ground. Resulting in deformation of the diaphragm, so that the earplugs are damaged. So it is recommended that we try to avoid the collision of earplugs.

Seventh, many people think that when listening to earplugs must wear sponge sets, or easy to fall into the dust. In fact, do not have to worry so much. Earplugs in the work of the diaphragm back and forth vibration, some small dust will be bounced. While the magnet and other components are also blocked in the back, there is no chance to come into contact with the dust.

Here another point, some earplugs in the back of the ventilation holes outside the design of no sound insulation cotton, this approach is easy to cause the magnet and other inhalation of dust, accelerated aging, it is not recommended to remove the noise cotton In addition, the earplugs are basically used in front of a Had a relatively fine network, so big dust can not come in. But in the long-term do not listen to earplugs when the best or sponge sets.

Eighth, temperature and humidity. Excessive temperature or excessive humidity will cause damage to the earplugs. Especially in the diaphragm on the most obvious performance, if the high temperature, high humidity, the ear of the diaphragm is easy to deformation. The So do not make the earbuds close to these places. Such as direct sunlight, fire, water and so on.

There are many problems with the maintenance of earplugs. Such as the use of time not too long and so on, here can not enumerate one by one. Just a few examples, just if for these reasons (except some) caused damage, then also enjoy the warranty service.

Earplugs are not the more expensive the more solid, this we have long been very understanding. Earplugs are small, but valuable. If the use of improper and broken, and can not warranty, but also a headache thing.

For the use of earplugs, please adhere to the use

Sponge sets of the role is very large, a friend received the earplugs, said the bass is not good, have to return, the next day, in Q inside said to me: "Today I put the sponge sets , The sound feeling suddenly different.

In fact, the role of sponge sets have three points: First, non-slip, the second is to prevent leakage, the third is the problem is too large, to prevent the ear shell and the ear between the resonance occurred.

Earplugs have a small pronunciation hole, when you put the ear plugs in the ear or on the outside, it is likely that there will be dust through these holes into the earplugs inside the earplugs of the diaphragm is very thin, only a few microns, A little bit of dust will make the shock of the diaphragm changes, thus affecting the sound quality, and even cause damage to the earplugs, earplugs can block the outside of these debris into the earplugs, protect the earplugs.

In summary, earplugs sponge sets are very useful, please insist on using.

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