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Types and Advantages and Disadvantages of Headphones

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Types and Advantages and Disadvantages of Headphones

Like music friends, should pay special attention to choose a suitable for their own headphones. In general, the headset according to the internal components of the sound principle and speaker similar can be divided into five categories: piezoelectric headphones, moving headphones, moving headphones, static headphones, pneumatic headphones.

Piezoelectric headphones: the use of piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric effect sound. High efficiency, high frequency. Disadvantages: distortion, high drive voltage, low frequency response, poor impact resistance. This type of headset for telegraph transmission and use, is basically eliminated. A few headphones use piezoelectric ceramics as a treble sound unit.

Moving iron headphones: the use of the electromagnet to produce alternating magnetic field, the vibration part is a iron hanging in front of the electromagnet, the signal through the electromagnet when the electromagnetic field will change the electromagnet, so that iron sound vibration. The advantage is long service life, high efficiency. The disadvantage is distortion, frequency response narrow. Often used in the early telephone handset.

Moving headphones: This is now the most common form of headphones. The coil is fixed on the diaphragm, placed in the fixed magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet, the signal through the coil cutting magnetic field lines, so as to drive the diaphragm with vibration sound. The advantage is relatively easy to produce, good linearity, small distortion, wide frequency response. The disadvantage is low efficiency (not really any shortcomings).

Electrostatic headphones: also known as electrostatic plane diaphragm, aluminum (or other conductive metal) coil directly plated or printed on a thin plastic film, placed in a strong electrostatic field (usually by the DC high voltage generator and fixed metal Film (network) composition), the signal through the coil when the cutting electric field, driven diaphragm vibration sound. The advantages of good linearity, distortion is small (electric field than the magnetic field uniform), transient response is good (diaphragm quality light), high frequency response. The disadvantage is that low-frequency response is not good, the need for specialized drive circuit and electrostatic generator, expensive. Efficiency is not high.

Pneumatic headphones: the use of air pumps and valves to control the air flow, direct control of air pressure and flow, making the air vibration. Sometimes the valve to use high-power speakers instead. A headset is often used on aircraft, and this headset is actually just an airway. The advantages of no electric drive, unlimited parallel, high efficiency. The disadvantage is distortion, frequency response is narrow, there is noise.

Visible, headphones can be used according to different purposes, divided into many types, and different manufacturers of headset technical characteristics are different, have their own characteristics. You can according to their own needs and preferences to choose, hope that the above brief can help you choose to buy.

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