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Classification of mobile phone data lines Basic knowledge of mobile phone data lines

- Jul 04, 2017 -

(A) mobile phone data lines are divided into the following categories

1, MBUS: low transmission rate (9.6kbp / s), the hardware is relatively simple, mainly for maintenance, unlocking software.

2, FBUS: high transmission rate (115.2kbp / s), mainly for wireless Internet access, ringtones, pictures, games and other transmission.

3, DKU-5: high-speed data transmission function (230kbp / s), the data line structure is complex, high manufacturing costs, but only support the corresponding powerful supporting software and wireless high-speed Internet access.

4, FLASH: In addition to the FBUS function, but also can be used for maintenance upgrades and so on.

5, USB direct line: the phone needs to have built-in MODEM function, built-in U disk function, video camera head function, this data line upload and download files very fast.

(B) the difference between the types of mobile phone data cable interface

1, with a mobile phone model, due to different interfaces or internal manufacturing structure and the emergence of different functions of the mobile phone data cable (this point consumers tend to ignore)

(C) the relationship between mobile wireless Internet access and data lines

Now through the data line for wireless Internet users more and more, but what kind of data cable to buy, but those who know very little. Cellphone data line

1, need to open mobile phone network operators in the region, the opening of the corresponding wireless Internet access. (GPRS or CDMA)

2, the phone needs to have built-in MODEM function, and can support mobile phone data cable transmission. (Most phones support mobile phone data line function)

3, the corresponding software and supporting mobile phone data cable support (only Nokia's DKU-5 data cable to support Nokia's new generation of mobile Internet, and the ordinary FBUS data line is unable to support)

(4) summarize the mobile phone data cable

1, mobile phone data cable can bring you the potential fun of mobile phones. As the seemingly simple data lines can be mapped out of different functions of the data line, so you have brought obstacles to the purchase. After reading this article, may be of great help to you. Let you really enjoy the fun of the data line.

2, due to the purchase of a low price or quality, but off the phone data cable, brought burned and a loss of something like a mobile phone has occurred. So it is recommended that you carefully refer to the basic knowledge of the data cable before purchasing.

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