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Charging treasure notes

- Oct 24, 2016 -

1, do not adjust the output voltage to a higher voltage, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment, please be sure be sure before using;

2, please use the specified charger

3, against short circuits, broken down and cast into the fire;

4, are not allowed to disassemble the charger and batteries to reform;

5, pay attention to moisture proof;

6, when idle, the goods will be placed, so as to avoid children as toys to play.

7, do not come into contact with heavy, sharp or metal objects. Prevent mobile power batteries are great pressure on deformation, sharp objects piercing as well as input and output ports in contact with metal objects such as keys, to prevent short circuits.

8, feel "hot" don't use it when. When to recharge mobile phones and other mobile devices, if hot mobile device should immediately stop charging, beware of mobile power supply output voltage or current is too high cause the mobile device to be damaged.

9, charging is completed unplug the power supply. Do not charge in a high temperature and high humidity environment, mobile power charging indicator shows the charging is completed, shall promptly remove the mobile power to prevent product damage caused by prolonged overload.

10, not to throw water on the fire. If the power goes up in smoke, fire ignition, shall promptly be placed apart from the crowds outside, do not use water to water, to prevent electric shock or even cause further explosions.

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