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Charging Po problems

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Mobile power, General are is in 13000mAh, and some so-called of 20000mAh of mobile power, charging treasure of electric core General is used polymer or 18650 electric core, due to 18650 is international standards, if to big capacity, General is using 2600mAh, five section on can reached 13000mAh,18650 electric core of polymer although not by this limit, but capacity more big, volume also more big, so polymer electric core of cost to obviously above 18650.

Security charge treasure, most of the large-capacity mobile power is using had 18650 batteries 18650 capacity is 2000,2200mAh of the most mature, the higher the risk, and the destructive power of great. In General, the 18650 technology is very mature, not exploding.

  • rugged phone cases
  • mp3 headphones
  • wireless stereo headphones
  • usb 3.0 c
  • MB 24000mAh Portable External Battery Backup Pack Power Bank with Inverter for Laptop
  • fast charging power bank

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