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Can use mobile power charger for cell phones?

- Oct 24, 2016 -

First of all, when using the mobile power, we must move the power, which is very important. Put aside those things not to discuss technical professional. Simply in terms of safety, it is more reliable for sure. Its presence is necessary, because the current battery power really unsatisfactory. At present, the market moves above the power sales have been showing an upward trend. It on the phone have any injuries? actually, as long as what you buy is not fake and shoddy products, have too much impact on mobile phone, because the regular mobile power supply manufacturers produce mobile power circuit protection this protection aspect.

Secondly, mobile power supply has the function of automatic protection, mobile power source if you have installed circuit protection chip in our for charging the mobile phone, when the phone is saturated when the smart chip will automatically stop the power supply, allowing their status to avoid excessive power. In this case, not only protect the mobile phone, and also to some extent protect the battery from damage.

Finally, the small series is to say, to say that there is no effect, that is a lie, to cite an example, while charging while you play, it will reduce battery life, it is known to all of us. So, using the mobile power charging, while playing rush, too. Then we will balance, outweigh the disadvantages, we can go to operations. Mobile power supply had little effect on cell phones, so there's no need to have such a doubt. Even side by side charging, battery consumption and mobile power supplies are compared to the benefits brought about by, is completely ignored.

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