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Bao maintenance charging method

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Mobile phones, electronic products have penetrated into our life, how in the absence of electrical power also became the focus of our attention, let us enter the charge in the treasure of the world see! Now phone is all an integral part of daily life, of frequent use is power enough, and mobile power came into being. Tide people away from home, mobile power can be used at any time to charge, and most of the mobile power supply compatible with all USB charging devices to support devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, is absolutely essential weapon charge for going out, travel treasures

Buy the charging treasure not cheap! But Bao as a new battery charging products, many consumers on how to use and maintain power there are a lot of errors.

The core components of mobile power, mainly in two parts, one is the media, which stores energy, and what energy into other media. What brand is good because many customers mobile power, so the batteries can be used as one of the most important standard for measuring power quality. Charging Po batteries commonly used polymer lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery, AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries of three.

Polymer lithium-ion batteries than the more expensive lithium batteries. But high-capacity lithium polymer battery high capacity, small size advantage allows it to gradually replace ordinary lithium battery.

According to the national standard battery, especially for polymer battery has a strict grading system, the battery quality and timeliness are divided into three levels-a b and c. A brand new battery, b-stock for more than three months, or disassemble the battery, c for used batteries. Note c cheaper, but there are serious quality problems, and b at relatively low prices, but the recession very quickly. Economic conditions allowed, please purchase a charging treasure.

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