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All electronic products can use mobile power do?

- Oct 24, 2016 -

With the development of society, science and technology is developing rapidly, electronic products are also becoming more and more popular, follow is the demand for electricity. Mobile power appeared no doubt solve the demand of electronic products, electronic products but not all can use mobile power?

First mobile power is only a carry-on to electronics equipment, is like a plug that can be moved, in this sense, electronic products should be able to use mobile power supply.

However, electronics and mobile power, after all, not the same manufacturer produced in many specifications, such as input/output current and voltage which are not the same. For example a mobile phone charging input voltage is so much more than or less than this quantity is not properly charged, but a mobile power supply to the charger output voltage is not within this range. In addition, electronics charging Jack is also possible with mobile mobile jacks of the cable of the power supply provides does not match, it is not normal to charge. So, in this sense, electronic products can not use mobile power, FOST digital mobile power for which product to use?

Summarizing the above, all electronics is theoretically can use mobile power, but in practice but not necessarily available.

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